Rape-free movies was launched on the 16th November 2014.

Tired of sexual violence on TV? Rape-free movies.com highlights films which do not feature a sexual agression, whether mentioned, tempted or actual. We believe some movies nowadays use sexual agression as an easy trigger to touch people’s feelings, even when it is not necessary to the story itself. For us, this has consequences on viewers both individually (being confronted to that kind of scenes over and over is particularly traumatic, especially for former victims, but not only) and as a community, as it spreads a message of fear and insecurity. We believe giving that much visibility to sexual violence on TV contributes to making it look normal. As a first step, Rape-free movies starts fighting against overuse of sexual violence in cinema, hoping it will help keeping these scenes as unacceptable as they are in the real world.

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Our objectives

  1. Our first objective is to help viewers prepare themselves to what they are going to see. Some people have a special sensitivity to sexual violence, and we believe they should not be confronted to this kind of scenes without being prepared for it and choosing they are ready to do so.
  2. Our second objective is to highlight movies which do not show or mention sexual violence at all. We believe it is possible to make a good movie without a rape scene or abused victims (unless of course it is the core of the plot.)
  3. Finally, our last objective is to encourage a cinema with less sexual violence.


On Rape-free movies, films are rated with the following:

  • Fact refers to movies including an actual scene of sexual agression, either physical or verbal.
  • Attempt applies to movies including an actual, but not successful, scene of sexual agression.
  • Mention means a sexual agression is mentioned, but is not described in a scene.
  • Rape-free movies don’t include any of the previous.

How can I help?

  • Just visiting us is already a good help, as visitors statistics will give our initiative credibility: drop by often!
  • Propose a rating for all new movies you see: it will help us keep the database up-to-date.
  • Don’t hesitate to validate or invalidate ratings on the movies pages.
  • If you are a relevant organization and want to help us, we will be pleased to hear from you: rapefreemovies(@)gmail.com.


Rape-free movies.com is administered by a private individual (Web Usability Consultant in France), and has no ties to the cinema industry. For the moment, it is entirely run on private funds as a volunteer initiative. In a later phase, we plan to ask for government or organizations their help in order to maintain the effort, and particularly give us access to recent movies.

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