Rape-free movies highlights movies containing no mention, attempt or fact of sexual violence. We believe giving this kind of violence less visibility on TV will help keeping it as unacceptable as it should always remain in real life. We will do our best to encourage movies with no such violence, by featuring their trailers, linking to more information and encouraging sharing possibilities. We hope that one day rape-free will become a label, and that eventually, one day, it will become an evidence.

We will…

  • Highlight rape-free movies, featuring their trailer and linking to more information on cinema databases.
  • Encourage social network sharing on rape-free movies.
  • Rely on users to help us with ratings, but rape-free propositions will always be double-checked by Rape-free movies team.

We will not…

  • Display links to movies with a sexual violence scene, either mentioned, tempted or actual.
  • Display social network sharing options for non-rape-free movies.
  • Allow for ill-intentioned search of movies with an actual scene: mention, attempt and fact will always be mixed together.
  • Give a subjective opinion or judge the quality of a movie.

We believe that…

  • Cinema and movie characters have an influence on what happens in real-life.
  • Giving visibility to sexual violence on TV unfortunately helps making it a commonplace.
  • Giving less visibility to sexual violence on TV and at the movies is a first step at keeping it unacceptable.

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